When Jesus gathered with his disciples on their last night together, he ate a meal with them.

This was an important moment, because in this meal Jesus showed us that he would always be present with us at the Table.

After the resurrection, Jesus appeared to two disciples on the Road to Emmaus. Even though he walked with them and talked with them, they didn’t recognize who he was. But when Jesus broke bread with them, they immediately recognized his presence in their midst.

Today, we continue to meet Jesus at the Table and recognize him in our lives when we break bread together in Holy Communion. You are invited to meet and recognize Jesus every week at Bethel.

jesus at the table

As Lutherans, we believe that Jesus is really here with us when we share this special meal. How this works is a mystery, but we trust his promise to be with us when we gather for Communion.

And because we encounter the real presence of Jesus, we are forgiven and set free

You Are Welcome to the Table

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus invites everyone to this meal saying “Drink of it, all of you.

That means you! Jesus invited all kinds of people to his table during his ministry. Since Jesus made no exceptions, neither do we.

First Communion at Bethel

We leave it to families to decide when children are ready to receive this Sacrament. About twice a year we offer a first communion class at Bethel for any children who are ready to Commune. We often tell families that a child is ready when they start asking questions!


If you are worshiping with us on YouTube, you are still made one in the body of Christ. As Paul wrote in First Corinthians, “Because there is one bread, we who are many are one body, for we all partake of the one bread.”

As Lutherans we believe that all you need to celebrate Holy Communion are the promises of Jesus Christ and the bread and wine. So grab some bread and wine and join us every Sunday for this special meal.


If you would like to know more about Holy Communion at Bethel, contact Pastor Joe.

Learn more about the theology and practice of receiving Holy Communion online.
Pastor Joe wrote extensively on the subject for his doctoral degree.